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Welcome to BYOB with Jen!
Work YOUR body, YOUR way!

Winter Session

Runs from Tuesday, January 2, 2024 through Sunday, March 31, 2024!
Join me on Wednesday, December 27, 2023 for an intro to CIRCL Mobility™!
Use code TRYME at checkout.

Check out the Upcoming Events tab for extras!

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Hi! I'm Jen and I love teaching fitness because seeing everyone become successful at something they found challenging is such a reward!


Some things about me that have NOTHING to do with fitness:


  • My first job was a flyer delivery person for a pizza place. I was 13. We got paid $1 per house/townhouse row/apartment building!!! Oh, and free pizza and pop at the end of every shift!

  • My favourite thing to do to de-stress is to read. Fiction only though! I get lost in my books.

  • I am a mom and a grandma too! And so proud of my daughter (well, I guess she's an adult since she's now a mom!) and grandchildren.



I have been a Zumba® Instructor since August 2010. I have also been a Group Fitness Instructor since May 2011. I have a passion for helping people reach their fitness goals and love having fun with fitness. When you come to my classes, you will find that I offer a variety of  options, so ANYONE can do ANYTHING I throw at you!


I look forward to helping you reach those goals that maybe you have, but don't know how to reach them. Or maybe you don't have goals. You just want to find something that fits you. So come to class and let me help you get there!

"Thinking about why your classes work for me, your personality, levels of intensity, you work all muscle groups, play good music, not boring, your energy is contagious"

Patti M

"I loved your energy and they way you make the class fun."

Erzsebet G

"Great overall body workout! I did no​t enjoy Bootcamp classes in the past, but I can do this class!" (About Tabata)

Hedy G

"Hi Everyone!

I have been taking fitness classes with Jenn both physically and virtually for years. At the Y until the pandemic hit and since on Zoom.


Her energy is contagious. I always feel better after class and she motivates me every day. Her classes are always fun and it does not feel like exercise. Try a class and you will want to come back for more.


Come join us, have some fun and get fit."

Maureen F

"I loved that you were able to teach classes with folks of all different fitness levels, making sure everyone could participate and stay safe. I also loved how you encouraged us not to give up."

Rose L

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